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Our Mission

To promote ethical standards and efficiency in Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce management; to encourage the mutual exchange of information and ideas among its members; and to undertake such services and activities as shall be deemed to be in the best interests of its members. 

Code of Professional Standards

As a member of the Alberta Chamber Executives, I promise to promote ethical standards and efficiency in Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade management. I shall strive towards this goal through the conscientious application of the following standards: 

1. Respect the laws and regulations, which apply to Chamber management;

2. Maintain high standards of public and private integrity;

3. Treat all members equally and with equal consideration;

4. Improve personal knowledge of the techniques of Chamber managements;

5. Promote professionalism among Chamber executives;

6. Discourage the distribution of misleading and inaccurate information to the public;

7. Work for the betterment of the Chamber professional at all levels; and

8. Promote the free enterprise system. 

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